24 September, 2019

Dorgan House Window

Thank you, Vlad Yeliseyev, for selecting this piece for an award in this year's Southwestern Watercolor Society's membership show. Vlad put together a great show, taught a workshop, and gave a demo for our group. I was not able to attend the workshop, but some of my friends who did were very pleased. They said Vlad really put everyone at ease, so that they were really able to absorb the lessons and take on feedback.

Dorgan House is one of the adobe homes that can still be found in Big Bend. What is left of them can still be found, that is. The windows of this house are unique: extra large with arched timbers above the openings. Through the window you can see what the family used to see. I kept the palette extremely limited and the value range narrow to enhance the still and quiet mood.

Dorgan House Window
gouache on gessoed archival paper
14.5 x 10 inches

$380, matted and framed

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