03 January, 2020

Happy New Year

2019 was a little exhausting, and I am glad 2020 is here! Last year I had two solo exhibitions and participated for the first time in the White Rock Lake Artists' Studio Tour. Those three events really kept me busy, and I had to stay on task even though there were so many bright and shiny distractions. In addition, I participated in several other juried exhibitions.

So it was a very good year, but I didn't have much time for play or experimentation. Both of those things are important in my art practice, and I have missed them.

Already there are two or three group shows in the works for 2020, and I am the organizer of the first one, coming up in March. I'll be returning to Big Bend soon to sketch and gather material for the series of old adobe homes I started last year. Other local urbanscape ideas are percolating as well.

Even so, I'm looking forward to a little slower pace and especially to having more time for play. I hope you have some playtime, too.

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